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Tutoring takes expertise. We're not just tutors, we're experts.


  • MATH 115
  • MATH 211
  • MATH 231
  • ECON 205


  • BIOL 190
  • BIOL 221/222

Accounting and Economics

  • ACCT 201
  • ECON 201
  • ECON 202

About us

Who we are. In a nutshell.

Towson Tutors is a a curated service that connects students at Towson University with tutors who are experts in specific courses.

Finding a good tutor can be frustrating! You have a busy life, and probably don't want to waste your time and money with subpar tutors.

At Towson Tutors, we eliminate the guesswork by carefully vetting all our prospective tutors. When you work with us, you know you're getting the best tutors possible.

We hope that you will choose to work with us, and we look forward to serving the Towson and Baltimore communities in the years to come.

Rates and FAQ

How it works.

Rates for Spring 2016:

  • 10 session package: $500
  • 5 session package: $300
  • 1 single session: $70

Your First Session

Where do we meet?

You can coordinate a place to meet directly with your tutor. Popular locations include Cook Library and the student union.

How soon can I meet with a tutor?

After we receive your message, we will put you in touch with a tutor who is a good match for your course and availability. Once we've matched you with an appropriate tutor, you can schedule your sessions directly with him or her via email or text message. Many of our tutors are available during weekends as well as during the week. Depending on the tutor and your schedule, you may be able to schedule a session the same day!

How and when do I pay?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. When you submit a request, please let us know if you'd like to pay online or in person. All tutors accept cash, check, and credit/debit card payments. If you need a third party to pay, such as a parent or relative, let us know right away.

What else should I bring to my sessions?

You should bring any materials relevant to the course, including math textbooks, notes, and assignments. If your course has a web-based component, you should bring your laptop as well.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?

No problem, just be sure to give us at least 24 hours advanced notice. We reserve the right to charge for the full cost of any sessions that are missed or cancelled without sufficient notice.

Session Packages

What is a tutoring "session"?

Our tutoring sessions are one-hour, one-on-one meetings with an experienced tutor. You may use the time to go over homework, practice for exams, or focus on particular topics that are giving you trouble.

What are session packages?

Session packages allow you to purchase multiple tutoring sessions at a reduced rate by paying in advance. Our 10-session package offers the best value, and it geared towards students who begin tutoring early in the semester, and meet with a tutor approximately every week. We also offer a 5-session package for students who join us later, or who wish to meet every other week.

What is your refund policy for session packages?

Sessions packages are meant to reward students who are committed to succeeding by offering them a significant discount over our regular hourly rate. As such, we do not offer partial refunds on session packages, except in the following extenuating circumstances:

  • Documented withdrawal from the course.
  • Emergency circumstances after the official withdrawal deadline, such as medical issues which prevent you from completing the course.

What if I run out of sessions in my package? What if I need extra sessions around exams, midterms, and finals?

We will allow you to 'lock in' a package rate for additional sessions after you run out. For example, if you purchase a 10-session package for $500, you will only be charged $50 for each additional session.

Do you offer group sessions?

Not usually. We believe that students get the most value from their sessions when they have a full hour of their tutor's undivided attention. However, some students find it helpful to work with a friend. In this case, it is up to the discretion of your tutor if they want to work with you in a group setting. Each member of the group should first complete an individual session, and then ask the tutor if they would be willing to do additional sessions with your group. If your tutor agrees, there will be a $15 surcharge for each additional student, in addition to your base hourly rate.

Other Questions

Who runs Towson Tutors?

Towson Tutors was founded by Alex Weissman, Sarah Baghdadi, and Kianna Weissman, Maryland natives and specialists in math, science, and Towson.

Are you affiliated with Towson University?

No. We are an independently owned and operated business.


Are you an expert in MATH211, MATH231, BIOL221, or another course at Towson? We're looking for graduates, graduate students, and capable juniors and seniors with experience and expertise in tutoring algebra, calculus, economics, accounting, biology and statistics.

To apply, please send us a message introducing yourself, with a list of Towson courses you are interested in tutoring, and a brief pitch. Be sure to mention any prior teaching/tutoring experience, as well as your experience with the courses you wish to tutor. If you haven't taken (or taught) the courses you wish to tutor at Towson, please describe the equivalent course(s) you've taken/taught which cover the relevant material.

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Ready to get started with a tutor? Please tell us your name, contact information, and what course(s) you need help with. Please also let us know when the best times are for you to meet.